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Social Media Recap- June

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Bridget Meyers

The month of June brought us the first real taste of summer with temperatures reaching the 90s, but the weather wasn’t the only thing heating up this month. Some of our favorite apps brought out the big guns and released updates changing the way advertisers use social platforms and increasing user interaction within apps. Check out our favorite social media updates from June!

Facebook Adds New Tools to Get More from Campaigns

Facebook has done a lot over the last year to develop tools that will help advertisers reach their business objectives. In the spirit of that progress, they are releasing two new additional tools: value optimization and value-based Lookalike Audiences. The first tool allows advertisers to optimize their ads based on purchase value data collected via Facebook pixel. The second feature gives you the option of adding a value column in your customer list that will then target users that look like your highest spending customers. The two tools are furthering advertisers ability to target individuals that are more likely to produce results.

New Face Filters in Camera

Selfie lovers are getting yet another new update from Instagram. The new feature allows users to add filters to their faces including things such as dog ears and nose, top hats, and glasses. These features are also available on Boomerang, Rewind and Instagram video.

Snapchat Acquires Placed

Snapchat has recently acquired the location-based analytics and ad measurement company, Placed. This acquisition will help Snap measure and track how online Snapchat ads perform and lead to offline ROI. To maintain privacy, Snapchat is implementing very strict policies regarding user privacy, data-sharing and digital separation between the two companies. As more social platforms are incorporating advertisements, their analytics and measurement capabilities need to follow suit so that advertisers can accurately track performance. Snapchat has made a great addition with the purchase of Placed from an advertiser’s perspective.

Snapchat Releases the Snap Map

In Snapchat’s second newsworthy update, they released the Snap Map! Now tracking your friends is even easier; all you have to do is pinch your screen and it will bring you to a map showing “Actionmojis” of all of your friends. Users have the option to “ghost” themselves, making their location invisible to other users.

Spotify Makes It Easier to Create Playlists with Friends

The new update to the music streaming platform allows users to easily create playlists with friends via Facebook messenger. Messenger will allow the users to add to the playlist directly from the app via the Spotify Chat Extension. The new feature set out to increase collaboration and sharing of playlists between users. Happy playlist making!

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