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Social Media Recap- July


Bumble BIZZ: Tinder meets LinkedIn

Set to be released in early fall, the Bumble apps’ new extension Bumble BIZZ, will connect individuals with others in similar industry groups. Just like the dating app, Bumble BIZZ requires female users to start the conversation within the first 24 hours of matching, otherwise the connection will disappear. Bumble’s CEO says that the goal of the app is to make potential business connections more immediate but less formal.

Twitter adds “Night Mode” for Android

In a seemingly small new update, Twitter has made a “Night mode” option available to Android users. This may seem like a small addition to the app, but the change is more for the users personal and even physical benefit than it is for their usage of the app. The blue light emitted by smartphones is powerful enough to be seen on the brightest of days; so when users are scrolling through your Twitter feed to the early morning hours, they are exposing their brain to large amounts of sun-like bright light causing damage that could potentially be permanent.

Buffer Adds Instagram Scheduling Reminders

Since Instagram currently does not allow for you to schedule posts out nor does it allow a third party app to post on the user’s behalf, Buffer created reminders. The reminders are an attempt on behalf of the app to help Instagram users stay on top of their posting. At the scheduled time, Buffer will send a notification to the user that loads their photo into Instagram with their pre-written caption saved to the phone’s clipboard, ready to be pasted.

Instagram releases Instagram for Business

Instagram’s new Instagram for Business is out to make the lives of marketers and business owners easier. Instagram for business will allow page managers to view analytics for impressions, reach, website clicks, and followers. The other major is the ability to promote posts from within the app.

Facebook has changed the 20% text ad rule

Facebook recently announced that it has clarified and update its rules for text in ad visuals. The new guidelines stress the favoritism Facebook has for ads with little to no text in them. The Product Marketing Manager at Facebook said that their research showed a preference from users to ads with less text on them, therefore influencing ad visual guidelines for the social networking platform. You can check your ad’s text density by using Facebook’s Text Overlay Tool.

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