Social Media Recap- January

We made it through the first month of 2017! So far we are seeing promising updates from some of our beloved social media platforms and even the rebirth of a former favorite. Here’s the latest in 2017 social media.

Twitter Automatically Loops Short Videos

Now that Vine has officially ended and turned into Vine Camera, Twitter announced that it will automatically loop 6.5 second videos. Twitter took it a step further and confirmed the capability to extend to video clips saved from other apps like Snapchat. The larger videos saved from other apps can be formatted to fit the 6.5 second limit and be played on an automatic loop.

Snapchat Introduces Sequenced Messaging for Video Ads

The latest update from Snapchat allows video ads to feature different creative work, yet be presented as one. Think a 30-second video divided into 3, 10-second videos that all tie together for one overarching message. The new feature is available to all advertisers and must be purchased directly through Snapchat with a commitment to full-service work.

Facebook Experiments with Ad Retargeting on Web Searches

Recently, Facebook has been working to expand the format to let advertisers target users based on their Internet searches. Before, advertisers were only able to reach users who looked at a product on their website or app, now they will be able to target users who may be interested in a product, but have not searched for it directly. This update will allow an even broader audience for ecommerce brands and retailers to target.

Instagram Adds Insights to Instagram Business Tools

Instagram Stories now boasts an incredible 150 million daily users, with 70% of users following a business. That last fact is only significant in that one-third of the most viewed stories are those of businesses. Before long, Instagram analytics will include reach, impressions, relied and exits for individual stories.

LinkedIn Redesigns Desktop Layout and Search Feature

The new design for LinkedIn desktop is the largest redesign they have performed since launching the network. Users can look forward to more streamlined navigation, more effective and intelligent messaging, fine-tuned feed for better information, deeper insight on who is viewing your profile and tips on making your profile stand out amongst the rest. LinkedIn developers are hoping the new design and features will increase the success of its users when searching for coworkers, groups and jobs.

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