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5 Social Media News Outlets for Digital Marketers

social media news outletsMost marketers by nature fall into the category of news junkies. They love being in the know and on top of current happenings on several fronts. Lead publications that are top of mind when it comes to keeping up on advertising and marketing trends include AdWeek and AdAge, but there are several other social media news outlets that satisfy the digital marketer’s need to know what’s hot on social and in the fast-paced world of content marketing.

Here are 5 of our favorite social media news outlets to keep us well aware.

Social Media Today prides themselves on providing “original analysis” of what’s happening in the social media industry. You can count on their journalists to deliver the skinny on breaking news for those times you just need to know what’s up. In addition to keeping tabs on SMT’s active twitter account, subscribe to their newsletter to receive headlines in your inbox! Also, check out and follow their sister site Marketing Dive for even more digital marketing info.

Mashable might not be an obvious source for digital news, but their Social Media page contains fascinating insight into today’s industry news and brand trends. Similar to Mashable’s other content, they keep it light, to the point and transform dense industry jargon into more consumer-friendly articles. @mashable is one of my personal favorites to follow on Twitter since they strike a nice balance of social media industry news, current events and water cooler content.

The Verge is an ambitious technology-focused multimedia publication that has kept up with the quickly evolving trends of the tech industry since 2011. Social media has taken a front seat in the tech industry as journalism, online communities and technology continue to merge. The Verge provides a unique look at marketing in the digital field by speaking to the tech savvy and common user alike.

Inc. is another publication that has a different take on the digital marketing industry. Known as a business industry outlet, Inc. delivers social media news and commentary through a brand and corporate lens on their Social Media page. Marketers can often find social media tips and trends for small businesses, specific industries and developing viral-inspired content on Inc.’s many digital outlets and in their print magazine.

Fast Company is a leading publication that is written for and about the most progressive business leaders. With an editorial focus, Fast Company encourages readers to, “think expansively, lead with purpose, embrace change, and shape the future of business.” Headlines range from optimizing your work life to the most creative trends on social media. Fast Company provides an out-of-the-box look into big ideas with a foundation of proven results.

News is coming at us from all directions when we’re plugged into social media on the regular. These digital media outlets allow us to see all angles of the most popular trends and breaking industry news. Another way to stay in the know is by checking out our monthly Social Media Recaps on our Push n’ Pull blog!

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