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6 Key Social Media Tactics Educational Institutions use to Inspire Learning

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The days of receiving endless promotional postcards in the mail for educational institutions is over, thanks to social media. Many educational institutions are turning to the digital platforms as a means to connect and engage with potential students. Schools looking to boost their online presence and ultimately increase enrollment must remember these 6 key tactics in order to maintain effective social media marketing efforts.

1. Go live for real-time connections.

Utilizing livestream video, offered on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, is a great way for audiences to feel the most engaged with a school without actually being there. Consider doing “online tours” where current students can walk viewers through a live video tour of the campus or livestream events to keep potential students in the know of what it would be like if they went there.  

2. Add “Stories” for accessible information.

Adding “Stories” on your social media accounts lets your audience see information you want to promote without actually having to go onto your page. Stories are a great tool to add unique content to your page in hopes to strike the interests of all types of potential students without it actually affecting your feed. Don’t be afraid to use the different functions of Stories either, such as Q&A’s and polls – these are fun and simple ways to get engagement from viewers.

3. Create an online brand presence.

Your social media account is a representation of your brand, so make sure that it mirrors the concept you are trying to acheive. Maintain a theme that uses the school’s colors, logo(s), hashtags, and slogan/catchphrases to help imprint your brand and its message into your audiences’ minds.  

4. Promote your social media on social media.

Don’t forget to cross-promote your other social media accounts on each platform, such as telling your Twitter followers to go like and follow your Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages. Make your audience aware that your school is active on other platforms so that they will see your social content no matter which site they are on, therefore increasing exposure and engagement.

5. Professional photos only, please.

Nothing sells educational institutions more than a beautifully orchestrated photo of the campus or a unique promotional graphic. A page filled with professionally shot pictures and eye-catching graphics is a great way to visually sell your school to potential students, all while maintaining a professional and aesthetically pleasing feed.

6. Encourage engagement.

It feels great to be noticed by those who we like, and prospective students will feel the same when you engage with them on social media. Asking questions on posts or replying to comments will only make prospective students’ connections to your brand stronger. Providing resources such as links or tagging is another not-so-obvious way to spark engagement, as it will lead audiences to other resources your college has to offer.

While implementing these tactics are sure to grow a school’s social media following, it is necessary to uphold them in order to maintain a successful online presence. Staying active, relevant, and engaged will make any social media account worth following. Continuing these patterns will ultimately aid in the primary goal of increasing enrollment.  

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