Social Media Recap for June 2016

The first month of summer has come and gone but left us with a lot of new social media features to work with. Check out some of the changes that social media platforms went through this month.

YouTube adds live Video to Mobile App: Mobile live streaming on YouTube will have the same features as regular videos have- you’ll be able to search for them, find them through recommendations and playlists and protect them from unauthorized uses. The feature will hopefully be available to all users soon.

Twitter Extends Video time on Twitter and Vine: Now anyone can create video Tweets up to 140 seconds long. Twitter is testing this same capability on Vine with a small group of Vine creators. The plan is to make the availability of even longer videos available to Vine, Twitter for Mac, and Twitter for Windows in the near future.

Tumblr adds live video: Through YouNow, Kanvas, Upclose, and YouTube (android-ready now, iOS in a few days) Tumblr users can now post live videos directly onto their and other users’ dashboards. Users will be able to save the live video posts when it goes off live and can be reblogged like any other post. Tumblr will help make sure you don’t miss alive post by sending notifications when anyone you follow goes live and as well as pinning their video to the top of your dashboard.


New targeting tools make Pinterest ads more effective: Customer list retargeting, website visitor retargeting and lookalike targeting are the new targeting tools introduced to Pinterest that will help marketers and businesses target the delivery of promoted pins by combining their own business data with the data Pinterest collects on its users.


Snapchat launches Advertising API: Snapchat now allows “Snapchat Partners” to buy ads on the platform. There are two types of partners: Ads Partners who help brands buy, optimize, and analyze campaigns and Creative Partners who specialize in Snapchat’s vertical-video format.

Facebook Launches Store Locator to Increase and Measure In-Store Visits and Sales: In an effort to help businesses that use local awareness ads drive people to their stores and measure the amount of store visits and in-store sales following their mobile ad campaigns, Facebook launched the new store locator which allows users to click on the map in the ad to see: address information, store hours, phone numbers, the website, as well as estimated travel time for each location.


Twitter Introduces Emoji Targeting: Emoji targeting is designed to increase deep engagement and better performance for brands. Advertisers who work with Twitter Official Partner: AdParlor, Amobee, HYFN, Period, SocialCode and 4C will have access to emoji keyword targeting, allowing them to reach people based on expressed sentiment, passions or food emojis.



Snapchat updates stories and discover pages: Discover Page now features a grid style presentation and the Stories page now features a banner of Discover channels at the top and Live stories between recent updates and all friend stories.

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