Social Media Recap – August

Facebook Announces New Features for Facebook Slideshow Ads

The Slideshow tool has allowed advertisers on Facebook and Instagram to push out short, visually appealing videos made of photos and/or existing videos. This month, Facebook increased the toolbar’s appeal by adding the ability to add text and music, create slideshows on mobile, use stock images and bring video to everyone regardless of connection speed.

Instagram Introduces Stories

Now, users can post as many photos and videos as they want to their “story.” The new feature compiles the photos and videos into one “slideshow” in hopes of resolving the issue of over-posting. Each story will last for 24 hours and can be watched by simply tapping the account’s profile picture at the top of the screen. Other than their limited viewing time of 24 hours, the only difference between stories and posts is there are no public likes or comments.

Twitter Announces Promoted #Stickers

Twitter released #Stickers as a way to add creativity and customization to photos. Twitter announced this month that brands could now create four to eight stickers that are available for users to add to their photos. #Stickers have evolved into visual hashtags for brands so that they can monitor and engage with users.

LinkedIn Releases New Content Search Features for Mobile

This month, LinkedIn added three new features to their Mobile app: search your feed, explore topics and relevant hashtags. The search your feed feature allows users to type in the keywords for an article that they are trying to find and search through results on the “posts” page. Entering a topic of interest in the search bar will find the latest news, conversations, ideas and debates on the topic. Most noticeably, the hashtags found in posts are now clickable and will link to a results page of posts using that hashtag.

Snapchat Releases GeoStickers

In their latest feature update, Snapchat introduced GeoStickers. Similar to GeoFilters, they are only available for use in certain geographic areas and are used for customization of snaps. The stickers can be added to snapchats and can be used in the chat feature on the app. Currently, only a select group of locations have the stickers available to them.

Pinterest Introduces Promoted Video Pins

Pinterest’s latest feature allows businesses to combine the best parts of the website and app. Promoted video will allow businesses to share ideas with interested users. The increased engagement between brand and consumer caused by video pins are leading to huge results for companies. Even better, Promoted Video can perform across a wide range of pr

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