A Creative Way to Market Cosmetic Services During Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day — the holiday that men dread and advertisers love. For most consumers, expectations are high, so if they don’t deliver an amazing gift to their significant other they’ll be residing in the dog house until further notice. On the other hand, advertisers are big fans. February 14th is an opportunity to rake in the cash since consumers spend roughly $14 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts.

This year, we came up with a unique way to market cosmetic services as a gift idea for Valentine’s Day. We gave Anne Arundel Dermatology’s female customers a way to get exactly what they want while giving the men in their lives a surefire win. We created a digital campaign where women could visit the Dermatology practice’s Facebook page, fill out a form about the type of package they would like to receive as a gift and be entered to win a $100 gift certificate towards any services they would like.


Valentine's Day Sweetheart Package   Facebook_My Fresh Valentine Package_Option 1

To increase awareness about the campaign, we created Facebook posts and tweets using the images above that would link to the app we created. After we introduced the campaign to our social media communities we presented each package that the women could pick from. We posted and promoted the packages during the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Once a woman filled out the form, we sent a personalized email to their Valentine that explained which package they were interested in with a link to “Purchase Now.”
















This campaign really put the power in the consumer’s hands. We gave them an outlet to ask for the Valentine’s gift they actually wanted this year instead of the typical chocolate and stuffed animals. By packaging the services and offering them at a discounted rate, we were able to increase sales and brand awareness.

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