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Robert Andrew Salon and Spa: A Social Media Case Study

Picture of Jocelyn Rimbey, Digital Marketing Manager

Jocelyn Rimbey, Digital Marketing Manager

Robert Andrew Salon and SpaAhhh, massages, manicures, pedicures, the works. Being pampered at the salon is a dream. But sometimes, salons need pampering, too. Robert Andrew Salon and Spa came to us with a few knots they needed massaged out, and we were happy to oblige (figuratively speaking, that is).

The Challenge

Reputation management was on Robert Andrew’s radar – there were a few negative reviews online. Not only that, but a rogue former employee launched their own personal smear campaign against the salon, hurtling insults and spreading false rumors. Since online reviews are critical to a brand’s online presence, we knew we had to do some serious management to get things in order.

Robert Andrew was also experiencing a lack of brand awareness. Despite the positive and memorable experience one might receive at Robert Andrew, consumers weren’t thinking of it as a place to visit in the first place. We were charged with creating some serious buzz that got people talking and thinking about the salon, ultimately increasing their top-of-mind awareness levels.

Rising Up

We had to overcome those negative reviews, so we designed an Ambassador Program that would leverage the positive impact of Robert Andrew’s loyal customers. The program recruited enthusiastic long time customers to engage them and provide them with opportunities to share their affinity for the brand. These ambassadors were given exclusive content as well as online opportunities to give their opinion on Robert Andrew.


Just two weeks after we launched, we had made an impact. We received over 40 positive reviews and countless message and media views:

  • Flickr Photo Views: 47,727
  • YouTube Video Views: 1,389
  • Facebook Page Views: 3,257
  • Twitter Post Views: 517
  • Review Site Posts & Views: 300
  • Online Forum Posts & Views: 333
  • Robert Andrew Blog Views: 168

The power of positive word of mouth can really effect the way a brand is perceived. You just have to embrace those enthusiasts and give ’em a chance to speak their mind.

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