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Periscope: everything you need to know

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Kellie Elmerraji

periscopeThe only thing constant in the social media landscape is change. Before a company or organization can learn the best practices of a new social platform, another application is introduced. Although this trend can be annoying to some, it is one of the reasons I love my job. The ability to reach consumers is continuing to expand, and realizing the capabilities of new technology is very exciting.


What is Periscope?

Recently, one of the biggest trends on social media and video viewing is Periscope, a free, live streaming broadcast tool that is owned by Twitter. With the push of a button, users can record live footage that any other Periscope user can view. Once you gain followers, they are notified every time that you are recording live footage and are given the option to watch it in real-time. All of Periscope’s broadcasts are archived for 24 hours so followers still have a chance to watch what they missed.

How is Periscope used?

We’ve seen a lot of different ways that Periscope is being used; from recording concerts and other live events to people talking to their cat or Uber driver on the way to the airport. The common theme here – users are able to get a glimpse into someone else’s life. But it gets better. Broadcasters and viewers can interact through an in-app chat feature. If a viewer wants to see a different angle, they can comment and the broadcaster can read it in real-time, making it possible to adjust what the viewer sees. If they want to respond to the viewer in the middle of the stream, they can do that too. Viewers can show their “love” for the footage they are watching by sending “hearts” to the broadcaster, which are visible to the broadcaster as they are recording.

Here’s an example of a video taken using Periscope:


Should brands use Periscope?

The good news is that there is no monetary investment to get started. Anyone can broadcast from anywhere and about anything they are interested in. In addition to Periscope’s flexibility, its important to remember that mobile video consumption is continuing to rise. Soon, consumers will expect this type of outreach from the brands they love. Periscope is simple to use and since it has not been widely adopted yet, it is a great opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

What do you think?

Have you considered using Periscope or have you already started broadcasting?

What type of content would you want to see on Periscope?

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