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We are a division of The Cyphers Agency. A division put together to harness the power of consumer conversation with search engine marketing, online advertising, email marketing, social media and word of mouth marketing.

PUSH to get the word out to an entire group of potential customers in order to hit those that may be currently interested in your product or service. Online banners ads, email broadcasts and WOM campaigns.

PULL to draw visitors to your web site when they are actively seeking your product or service. SEO, pay per click search engines, directory listings, and yellow page ads.

Social Media Campaign for Better than Bouillon

One Crazy Campaign + One Clever Contest = 11K Entries

If you haven’t noticed, we get a lot of gratification out of successful campaigns that are dead on strategically. So we just have to brag …

BeautyTidbits_Part 1_Dec 24

Why blogger outreach is a great resource for food and CPG brands

Blogger outreach can be a great tool as a part of a greater social media marketing strategy. It works particularly well for food brands and consumer packaged goods. Learn why!


Content, Meet Strategy.

A lot of small businesses recognize the need for a social media presence, but try to get out of hiring an agency to do it. …


Why does Pinterest work so well for some brands and not for others?

As the newest social media platform on the block and growing like wildfire, many brands and products are jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon. However, it’s been proven that certain brands out-perform others. Why?