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One Crazy Campaign + One Clever Contest = 11K Entries

Secret ingredient Social Media CampaignIf you haven’t noticed, we get a lot of gratification out of successful campaigns that are dead on strategically. So we just have to brag about the totally awesome Social Media campaign we just finished for one of our favorite clients, Better Than Bouillon. The campaign concept dramatized what our current fans have been telling us all along about Better Than Bouillon: it is their secret ingredient in their cooking arsenal for more than just soup and broth recipes. Using integrated implementation tactics engage fans, expand the audience and generate a ton of buzz for the brand. The creative campaign was able to really drive home the ad message but beyond that we had a ton of fun with our fans, giving away lots of really awesome prizes! Here is how the whole thing went down:

Social Media Infographic for Better than BouillonResearch: Consumer insights from research that was conducted profiled Better than Bouillon’s target audience as self-styled home chefs or casual cooks who think of Better Than Bouillon as their “secret ingredient.” To this audience it is almost a “badge of honor” to know about and use Better Than Bouillon and they are only willing to share their secret ingredient with those who they know will truely appreciate it and use it well. Comprehensive research showed that while brand awareness of Better Than Bouillon is low to moderate, when consumers try Better Than Bouillon, they genuinely enjoy the product and its many benefits and in turn become loyal customers.

Campaign Objective: 
To drive household penetration in an effort to increase trial stimulation, ultimately gaining new users and creating sales growth.

Strategy: Generate trail stimulation by encouraging social sharing and giving away product.

Creative Messaging: Better Than Bouillon is the secret ingredient that makes you a better cook because it adds flavor to any meal, not just soups/broths/gravies.

Implementation Tactics: Show consumers that they can achieve quality and taste of a gourmet meal without the gourmet time, using Better Than Bouillon as their flavor agent. Reintroduce the audience to the everyday uses, general values and most importantly original creative uses through the following tactics:

  1. Content – Included unique ways to use the product, new recipes, general cooking tips and sharing user generated secret tips submitted in giveaway
  2. Campaign Imagery – Infographic, Pinned Image, Profile Pictures – Creative executions that drive the campaign message
  3. Giveaway – Fans were encouraged to share their secrets for a chance to win samples, coupons and super secret prize packs. There was even a chance to taste a brand new flavor, not available in stores.
  4. Facebook Ads – Invited new fans to sign up for the giveaway for a chance to win, generating awareness and new fans.
  5. Blog Features – Encouraging bloggers to share their unique way of using Better Than Bouillon and hosting giveaways on their blogs for their fans.

Results: Social Media Campaign Results

  • Generated over 11K entries
  • Audience Growth over 12K fans
  • High quality user-generated content
  • Created high quality consumer interactions

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