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MySpace Gets “Married”

MySpace recently announced its new venture into reality TV by way of its web-based reality show, “Married on MySpace.” The show will follow one couple’s experience leading right up to their wedding day. What makes this show unique, however, is that MySpace members will be in control of the decision making and planning of the event.

Couples can submit their own video where users can vote on who they would like to be featured on the show. From there, users will vote on various other details of the show and the event like location, when and where to celebrate bachelor and bachelorette parties, what everyone will wear, etc. MySpace is planning 13 total episodes to air exclusively on the site.

For a social networking site that has recently fallen behind the rankings when compared to giants like Facebook, anything they can do to engage their community is a step in the right direction. We’ll be following the development of this project and we’ll keep you updated. For now, here’s a look at the trailer:

Married on MySpace Trailer

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