Social Networking for Mom

There’s no doubt Twitter is an amazing tool and excellent resource. However, there are a few things Twitter is missing that those used to more conventional (can i say that?) social networking sites are creating on their own. For that reason, small groups and tools have come about to fill the void.

As one of the fastest growing, TwitterMoms offers an influential network of moms that tweet, blog, discuss, and share pictures and videos. With over 7,400 members, there sure is a lot of conversation going on. Just check out the discussion forums.

Serving up over 380,000 page views per month, TwitterMoms is definitely a great resource for moms looking for a way to connect with people like them. Also, its a great place for brands to enter the conversation and form relationships with one of the most influential consumer groups available.

8 responses to “Social Networking for Mom”

  1. Danielle says:

    I forwarded this to my mom and she is now tweeting with several mom’s and very happy doing it. Thanks for the tip!