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Whether you want to organize an event, petition for change, or raise money, The Point is a revolutionary way for individuals to combine their influence and make things happen in ways they can’t achieve alone…

The Point is a website that brings people together for a common goal. Users have been able to use The Point to raise money to record an album, raise money for Crohn’s disease, help non-profit organizations, and much more.

Anyone can start a campaign of their own for any reason, or browse campaigns to find one to support. Each campaign has a “tipping point.” Users pledge to donate or participate in some action, but only if the campaign reaches a benchmark which determines if the campaign will be a success. This is to make contributions worthwhile by focusing efforts in ways that can truly effect change.

So, if you’ve got a cause or want to donate your time and/or money to a worthwhile cause, why not give The Point a try?

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