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Champion gets people talking

Recently, Champion launched its “Hoodie Remix,” a design competition where anyone can design their own hoodie using Champion’s drag-and-drop color and pattern chooser. One winner will receive $500 and their design will be produced by Champion.

This is how you get people talking about your brand. At the time of this post, over 53,000 hoodies have been designed and shared with friends, families, and perfect strangers online. Because the largest determinant to win is how many votes your design gets, designers are encouraged to share their design as much as possible. Champion makes it extremely easy to share, by providing a widget to be using on websites, blogs, etc. Here’s a widget for a hoodie I made:

Not only that, but Champion has a facebook page full of photos, discussions, and information dedicated to Champion, and all things sports.

Here are some reasons Champion, and this campaign are full of win:

  • On a Google Blog search, the term “hoodie remix” returned around 36,000 results
  • A Twitter search returns pages of references to “hoodie remix”
  • Champion offers a 10% off coupon after you create your hoodie
  • Their color and design chooser is amazingly easy to use

My only suggestion for Champion is to allow ANYONE to vote on their favorite design. Currently, you’ve got to sign up to vote. Allowing anyone to vote will easily get more people involved and provide even more massive amounts of impressions than they are getting now. Either way… hat’s off! Great Job!

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