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Is there a way to view all of your fan pages on Facebook?

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Facebook has rolled out a new feature that can link the community pages that you follow on Facebook to your profile. This allows you to view all of your fan pages on Facebook, and also selectively display them on your profile. Facebook is touting this benefit as a boon for users, yet we have a sneaking suspicion that it is designed to help advertisers target more people (and thus spend more).

Mashable wrote up a great post about this new feature. Click here to see an in-depth look at Facebook’s new features.

We think this action is more for advertisers than anything else. Heck, just last week we were asking for similar adjustments from Facebook. If I can target people who like hip-hop for my music artist, it’s much easier than typing in “eminem” and “dr. dre” and “the roots” and tons of other relevant keywords in the keyword section for ads. Hopefully large communities will emerge and targeting for advertisers will be just as accurate yet have increased reach.

Check back here for updates regarding this issue.

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