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Holiday Ads that will make you Cry

Casually watching (or streaming) your favorite show can quickly turn into a casual cry during December, and it’s all thanks to sentimental holiday ads! These emotional commercials strike a chord with audiences all over the world. Grab your tissues, here are the top five emotionally charged ads from the 2018 holiday season:

John Lewis, UK –  Highlighting a national treasure, Sir Elton John, with a huge nostalgia factor, this ad has us feeling a “little bit funny”:

Apple, USA – This cinematic ad encouraging viewers to “share their gifts” leaves us feeling all warm and fuzzy:

Sainsbury, UK – If this one doesn’t having you shedding a tear by the end, you might be the Grinch. We can’t resist adorable kids singing:

Microsoft, USA – In this feel good ad titled “Reindeer Games”, Microsoft shows off their sentimental side and some killer dance moves:

Boots, UK – This drugstore brand hit home with it’s ode to mothers. We’re not crying, you’re crying!

These heartwarming holiday ads are the perfect way to round out the year. To see more of our thoughts on advertising, marketing, public relations and social media visit our blogs!


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