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Growing Your Email Subscriber List

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Christina Drews-Leonard

Grow Email Signup ListGetting people to sign up for your email newsletter is an easy way to keep them engaged with your content. Use these best practices as a way to encourage more signups.

Put Your Email Sign Up Form Everywhere

  • On Your Website – Put it on every page of your website at or near the top. Also, add a checkbox to opt in to your newsletter to every form on your site.
  • On A Popup – Use a popup signup form on your home page. Make sure not to overdo it and use a nicely designed form that can be closed by the user.
  • On Your Email Signature – Make sure everyone at your company is promoting the email signup from their email signature

Ask Current Subscribers to Share

  • Forward to a Friend – Make sure that the Forward to a Friend link in your email is prominent.
  • Run a Promotion– Ask customers to share with their friends or bring a friend in exchange for an award or chance to win something

Getting Current Customers to Subscribe

Do you have a list of email addresses or addresses from current customers or prospects? Remember that you need a customer’s permission before you send them email from a bulk email service! Here’s how to get that permission –

  • Email a Note – Contact current customers with an emailed note to ask them to sign up for your list. Make the note personal. Check out an example of a reintroduction email from MailChimp
  • Via Snail Mail – Mail a postcard to customers using snail mail and offer them an incentive to go to your signup link.
  • On the Spot If customers come to your location, ask them to signup in person and have an easy way for them to do it such as a paper form or a tablet with the signup form.

Give Them Reasons to Want Your Emails

Many people are hesitant to subscribe to emails for fear that you will bombard them with offers. Here are a few ways to build trust and create interest in your emails.

  • Email Archive – Have an email newsletter archive available for potential subcribers so they can see what the emails offer.
  • Protect their privacy – Make sure your privacy policy is available and easy to understand.
  • Build Confidence – Offer a subscriber number if you have lots of subscribers to build trust. Display customer testimonials on your signup page or near your signup form.
  • Offer an Incentive – Such as a chance to win a t-shirt or a free ebook
  • Call to Action – A strong call to action such as “Signup today and get started” beats a hesitant one such as “Would You Like to Receive Our Email?”

Now that you know how to get more subscribers, the next step is converting them to customers. Contact us if you have any questions about email marketing. Sign up for our email list for more tips like these on the right.

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