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BAM! Google Instant Doesn’t Waste Time.

Picture of Jocelyn Rimbey, Digital Marketing Manager

Jocelyn Rimbey, Digital Marketing Manager

Google Instant is Live! Not sure if you’ve noticed quite yet, but Google is a-changing. As of yesterday, you can now experience Google Instant. Once you start a search, Google will suggest results to you as you type. In other words, it predicts what your search will be and displays the results of that search instantaneously. It intends to allow for immediate feedback on your search, giving you the opportunity to edit or adapt to the search results you want to see. The new feature claims to save you time (between 2-5 seconds a search), narrow your searching more accurately, and predict results to help guide your search.

Marketing Implications

As much as we love Google, we had one major red flag. Would Instant change search engine rankings? What would it mean for SEO efforts up until this point? Lucky for marketers everywhere, Google Instant does NOT affect current rankings, which leaves our SEO efforts in tact. Phew!

Is it Necessary?

I do have to question Google Instant’s necessity. The reason many people love Google is for its simplicity – think of its clean, white front page. I’m not sure that the promise of “saved time” is enough to really make it worthwhile. Does it really benefit my searching? Does seeing the results appearing as I type really help me better tailor my search? On the other hand, it is cool and clearly displays Google’s ability to pioneer new technologies. I can’t say I’m not impressed.

Personally don’t like it? Don’t worry, they won’t take too much offense. You can shut it off in your preferences to go back to old-school Google, or “OSG” as I like to call it.

What do you think?

Will Google Instant help you search better? Or do you think that it is an unnecessary add-on that is just a flex of Google’s genius muscle?

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