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Google Analytics: More Than Site Traffic

Google-Analytics1Google Analytics is such a powerful tool but you don’t really hear folks talk about how much you can actually do through the GA dashboard. As an agency, we’re going to highlight some popular features as well as some of our favorites.

Two areas of Google Analytics that I use most to maximize ROI are Funnel Visualization and Goal Flow (Standard Reports > Conversions > Goals).

These tools are perfect for tracking consumers through your online purchase path. They are particularly helpful for e-commerce sites.

When faced with the challenge of a struggling third party e-commerce site both of these tools were extremely helpful in highlighting the drop-off point for consumers through the purchase. By tracking users through the sales process, we were able to streamline the purchase path, eliminating several drop-off points and increasing sales by 35%.

Whenever I have a project where website visitors are required to follow a specific path, I always make sure these tools are in place. We use them to pinpoint inefficiencies which allow us to get more strategic with our highlighted path, increasing the traffic flow and ultimately the overall return.

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