Google Analytics – Rev Up with Custom Dashboards

Google Analytics Custom Dashboard

Custom GA Dashboards Allow You to Focus on What is Important

Your website is unique and so is your need for information about your site visitors. Custom Analytics dashboards will help you weed through the garden of information that Google provides and get to the good stuff. You can monitor your brand or keep track of your AdWord campaign’s performance; use it as a social media dashboard or track info about purchases on your ecommerce site.

How to Create a Dashboard or Use an Existing Dashboard

Adding a Google Analytics Dashboard
Create a Dashboard Log in to your GA account. Look for Dashboards at the top of the left navigation. Choose Add Dashboard and select Blank Canvas or Starter Dashboard. Name your dashboard and click Create. Add a widget or select a report and click Add to Dashboard at the top to customize your dashboard. You can name your reports, choose the view and filter the results to get exactly what your want to include. You can even share your Dashboard when you’re done.

Use a pre-existing dashboard. There are dashboards that focus on Adwords performance, social media followers, blog readership and more. Here are a few to choose from:

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