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For the Love of Social Media, Delete that Ugly Facebook URL!

Sometimes you just need someone to lay down the law for you. Today, that’s what I’m gonna do. And the law I am laying down? Delete that ugly Facebook URL from your Facebook post. I’ve been seeing a heck a lot of this lately and it ruffles my feathers, especially when the effort to create a sleek and clean post only takes 2 seconds of your time.

 I’ve blurred out the name ‘cuz, heck, I feel bad for the guy. 

bad facebook example

See that long URL? You can actually remove that from your post without losing the hyperlink. Don’t worry, I’ll walk through it with you. Imagine this. You are writing a lovely Facebook post. Maybe you are promoting a recent blog post that you wrote that you want to share with the entire Universe (I mean, you are a great writer, after all). It probably looks something like this:

Typing away…

Facebook Post Writing

Add that link, preview appears…

Links in FB Posts

DELETE the actual URL, the preview REMAINS! Genius! 

facebook url preview without actual link

Post away, with your post looking beautiful, sleek, and oh so sexy.

this is how a facebook post should look

Ugh, glorious. Now the whole world will want to read your posts.

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