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Finding Organic Search Results

Searching for organic resultsThe best things in life are often free. This includes search results. Organic search results are kind of like organic food, harder to find and potentially better for you. Now, no chemicals are used to grow organic search results but there are farmers, (I mean Search Engine Optimization pros) who specialize in getting their search terms to the top of the organic results. As always, it’s caveat emptor. As a searcher, you should realize that people are paying to get their search terms to the top in the paid results and the organic results so click wisely. Pick the search engine that suits you best.

Lately, it’s getting harder to tell paid results from organic results as most search engines are trying harder to make more money from pay per click advertising. Here are some examples that show you where to find organic, non-paid results. Click to enlarge the images.


Informal motto – Don’t be evil.

Google Organic Results


And Decide…

Bing Organic Results


Using this search engine can raise money for causes you choose. If you can put up with all the ads, it sounds like a good idea.

Good Search Organic Results


Check out Blekko, a beta search engine that doesn’t seem to have ads at this point. You can test the results by playing their search engine Monte game. See if you pick their results. I did when I tried it:

Blekko Organic Results


How about a search engine that pays you for a change? This one offers points for searches which can be used to buy gift cards to Amazon and more. Also, features lots of ads

Swagbucks Organic Results

Please contact us if you have any questions about search engines. Thanks for reading!

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