My Favorite Digital Things

Look, I don’t want to pick favorites or anything but some brands just do it better. There’s been a lot going on in the social-digi-blogi-sphere as of late. Here is a round up of my top favorite digital brands right now.

Best Website – Williams Sonoma: Because content marketing and blogging are so widely popular,  large ecommerce websites are finding it hard to keep up with the kind of content consumers want. Williams Sonoma is doing a great job of bringing customers in and giving them the large photos, intuitive information hierarchies and streaming content they want.

Favorite Digital Brands - Website

Best Instagram – Warby Parker: Hands down, my favorite Instagram account right now is Warby Parker. I love that they stay completely on brand without being overwhelmingly self serving.  Their posts consist of cool videos, pictures of their employees or just plain old glasses photos. Check out their account here.

Best Blog/E Newsletter – Refinery29: Without fail, Refinery29 will send me an email that is exactly what I need at that moment. I don’t know if they have drones that follow me around everywhere, or if they have just really honed in on their audience. Either way they are brilliant.

Digital Brands Best Blog ENews Refinery 29
Best Facebook Page – Oreo: Oreo has always been a leader in social media. Remember that tweet during the super bowl that completely changed the face of real time marketing? Yeah, that was cool. Well, they continue to have some really awesome stuff on their Facebook page. Cute, branded content, interesting videos, and tons of engagement.

Digital brands, Best Facebook Page Oreo
Most Clickable Content – Buzzfeed: This is cliché, I know. But I can’t help but continue to be addicted to Buzzfeed. Not only have they completely pioneered content marketing, they continue to be a leader in this space. I love how they can simultaneously feature “ Which Disney Princess Are You” quizzes next to hard-hitting news articles about Iraq. The juxtaposition of these types of content speak to our society as a whole. I think that Buzzfeed has made a lot of important issues (like sleepy puppies) more tangible to young readers.

Most Clickable Content BuzzFeed


My favorites are always changing, and I am constantly on the lookout for brands who are really going above and beyond.


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