Facebook Instant Articles are coming in April

63% of Facebook users say that they get their news through social media channels.  Facebook has come up with Instant Articles, a great new way to reach your audience and provide immediate content to users.

Bloggers and content writers, regardless of size, will be able to publish Facebook Instant Articles starting April 12. This feature will be available on apps, both iOS and Android as well as on the web. Instead of externally linking to posts, users will be able to directly post content on Facebook.

Instant Articles will strengthen the relationship between written and visual media, creating a digital magazine. Content writers can use several features within these articles: add auto-play videos, interactive maps, audio captions and tilt picture options. The major benefit of Instant Articles is the download time. People want content as soon as possible and may leave a site if the content is taking too long to load. Instant Articles eliminates this speed problem, shrinking the download time from 8 seconds to an instant. The format of these articles is ideal for mobile users.

Although your website may receive less traffic since the articles will be directly viewed on Facebook, organizations have the opportunity to increase the amount of traffic that visits your Facebook page. Not only is Facebook going to support WordPress plugins, it will also include email sign-up forms which will deepen the relationship with the user.

In addition, the support of WordPress will allow content writers to customize everything, sell ads and see analytics for their Instant Articles. This plugin creates a feed of website blog posts, reads this feed periodically and automatically publishes your articles to Instant Articles.

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