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Easy ways to enhance your social media networks using web content

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Anna Forbes

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Digital integration is not a new concept. I think everyone can agree that a brand’s website should include links to its social media platforms and display the content coming from those networks as social feeds on the site. So many businesses seem to think they have their digital integration box checked once they’ve covered these basics. But in reality, that integration should go a lot further.

While good social media marketing does generate a lot of content, it should be a two way connection between your website and social media presence. The website should be a constant and reliable resource for your brand’s social media content. We’re not saying you should do nothing but post links from your website, but every healthy content mix on social media does have a steady dose of branded content (from blogs, to news items to product offerings). So it follows then, that your brand’s website should be a living, breathing entity that’s always being updated with refreshed content. Don’t feel pressured to start writing a weekly blog post to feature new information. New content on the website can come from lots of different places and ideally they should take quite a few different forms. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

Company News & Updates – New hire announcements, formal press releases, upcoming events, etc.

Multimedia – new photos (even albums), videos and press coverage

New Pages – this could be an entirely new page within the site’s regular navigation or unique landing pages to promote a product, service or campaign

Specials/Promotions – featured on the homepage or within an existing page

Research Assets – infographics, case studies and white papers


All of this new content, in a variety of formats, is social media gold! Your social media marketing team can leverage all of these assets to keep your content mix on social media fresh and engaging. If the new content stream dries up on the website, unfortunately that’s a big content category that gets stale and repetitive on your social media platforms as well.

And don’t forget that you are knocking out two birds with one stone. All of this new content will also give you the added bonus of search engine optimization value.

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