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A Day in the life of a Digital Marketing Coordinator as Told by Gifs

It would take longer than the average attention span to list everything a digital marketing coordinator does each day, so here is a fun overview with gifs! Everyone loves a good gif!

There really is no other way to start the day than with a hot cup of caffeine.

digital marketing coordinator

Monitoring. Ah, my favorite part of the morning. Time to see how the general public reacted to the posts from yesterday evening. Sometimes it’s all likes and hearts and I love yous. Other times (depending on the content) it could be grumpy faces, frowns and less than pleasant comments. That comes with the territory of working on the internet.

digital marketing coordinator

We meet every morning to discuss what is trending online and how we can bring our various clients into the conversation. This is how I feel reading down the list.

digital marketing coordinator digital marketing coordinator digital marketing coordinator

 Refuel time!

Creating posts! This is typically the time of day I’m refining content and getting final approvals from clients. Sometimes it can feel hectic. Charlie knows.

Blog writing. Not my thing. I used gifs to create the majority of this blog post as you can see.

Lunch time! 12pm on the dot every day.

Meetings! Most of the afternoon is spent on internal meetings and check-ins with the Account teams. They’re my favorite.

 Before the end of the day I like to check back in with the world and see what is trending and if we can get our clients in on the conversations.

And we’re back to monitoring! Another round of liking, replying, and sharing.

Just like that, the day is done and I’m headed home to my cat!

So, there you have it! The super exciting day to day of a digital marketing coordinator and a low-key love letter to gifs.

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