Dear Facebook: Please require users to update their profile keywords

Dear Facebook,

As an advertiser that spends hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars per month for my clients, I have a request that will help make their money more effective. I would appreciate it if you could remind your users to update the information in their profiles. This is the information that I am basing my advertising on, and if the information isn’t updated regularly, then my campaigns might be targeting the wrong people. For example, if I used to watch Spongebob Squarepants 6 years ago (when I filled out my profile), and was delivered an ad based on those keywords, it would be a wasted impression. Furthermore, there are thousands (probably millions) of newer shows, books, songs, interests, etc. that could help us target our campaigns more effectively, but if we are only relying on new facebook users to fill out their keywords, there is only a small percentage of users that will be up-to-date. We OG (“Original Gangsta”) Facebook users aren’t being targeted accurately with the ads that are delivered to us.

Here is the solution I propose: please use the “suggestions” area in the top right portion of everyone’s home screen to suggest that people refresh their profiles. The “reconnect with john, write on his facebook wall” was a cute idea, but it’s not helping me much. This change would help your advertisers (otherwise known as your only revenue stream) and would make the overall Facebook experience more accurate. Hopefully you are already working on this, and will soon prove this letter superfluous. Thanks Facebook, I love ya, always have.


Andrew Krebs-Smith

And the rest of The Cyphers Agency

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