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Creative trends to utilize on social media 

Social media is an everchanging place – as are the trends that continue to transform with it.  When it comes to creative, it’s essential to keep up with the most popular trends in an effort to appeal to your target audience and show your brand’s ability to stay relevant. Here are our top four creative trends to look out for on social media. 

Branded Graphics 

Graphics can be fun and unique, but branded graphics can simultaneously create a larger, lasting impact. With the use of various elements, colors, and text all falling under one brand guide, you make use of the opportunity to create interesting content for your audience while instilling hints of your unique identity for greater brand recognition and recall later down the line.  

Platform Features 

Variety in content is imperative to keeping your audience engaged, almost as much as it is to utilize elements that they’re most familiar with. For example, one of Instagram’s most notable features is the ability to post a DM sticker on your Story, encouraging followers to message you a question with the option for you to reshare. While it may seem minimal, this feature is one of the most popular on the platform and one that helps make Instagram more interactive. With that idea in mind, consider creating similar elements for your actual feed posts, and find yourself engaging with them on a new level using the features they’re most often interacting with. Plus, it adds a nice break in between your other types of posts.  


On the topic of instilling variety, infographics are one of the most engaging types of content, and in today’s world, statistics and trends are everything to the modern-day consumer. Whether it’s the most popular products at a given time or the latest developments within your niche industry, infographics have long proved to be successful when it comes to engaging with your audience through the ability to supply a ton of information within a small, yet resourceful space.  

Aesthetically Pleasing Feeds 

Your feed essentially serves as one big subliminal message for what your brand is and what elements one should remember it by. As much time as you put into the images and posts themselves, you should also be considering how they’ll look on your feed when paired next to another – Instagram grids or even scrolling LinkedIn. Following the same idea of utilizing your brand identity and elements, keeping each prior post in mind as you create the next will help create a more cohesive look – almost as if your Instagram (for example) is one big dream board for the way you want your target audience to see you. And while it may be a little extra work on the front end, your audience or potential newcomer will likely feel much more encouraged to follow you or continue following you when your feed has a comprehensive brand look paired with a genuine thought process to social strategy.  

Whichever platform makes the most sense for your brand, ensure that you’re utilizing it and your target audience in the most effective way possible through the use of emerging creative trends. 

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