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Newish social media tool, Fliggo allows its users to create their own video sharing YouTube-like site or video blog. Pretty neat idea, though why would anyone use it if they could just as easily set up their own channel on YouTube or create accounts on Vimeo, Veoh, Dailymotion, Metacafe, etc.? The answer may be in the ability to customize the appearance. Here’s more on what Fliggo offers and how you can use it.

One reason users may embrace Fliggo is the ability to customize your site by changing and editing your theme or color scheme. For examples, see here and here.

Interesting concept, but will it work? Y Combinator certainly thinks so. They help early stage start ups by funding the ones they truly believe in. As self professed techies, YC states:

We invest mostly in software and web services. And because we are ourselves technology people, we prefer groups with a lot of technical depth. We care more about how smart you are than how old you are, and more about the quality of your ideas than whether you have a formal business plan.

We’ll be watching Fliggo to see how it progresses, by looking at the Popular Sites section, it seems they are off to a decent start.

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