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Coming Soon: Pinterest Analytics for Brands

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Any brand that’s been able to build a strategic presence on Pinterest has likely seen the impressive referrals back to their website from the social media platform. In a marketing environment where ROI is so critical, it’s great to see the spikes in site traffic, but it’d be even better to see some deeper level data from the platform itself.

Pinterest Analytics for Brands
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Lucky for us, Pinterest has been making some major moves to become more measurable. In 2013, the platform announced its plan to launch paid ads, which they did this month. Pinterest is currently testing out promoted pins with a small group of big name brands including Kraft, General Mills, Ziploc, Gap, etc. But Pinterest is taking it a step further. They’re finally loosening the grip a bit and sharing their platform with third party developers to help create some powerful data insights for brands. While some companies were already providing pin-level analytics, Pinterest hasn’t been real big on sharing in the past, so no one has ever been able to provide that using data directly from the platform itself.

Pretty soon, we’ll have access to some pretty cool analytics so brands on Pinterest can truly understand how their audience is interacting with their images. What types of images create the most engagement, shares, likes, etc. and what types of images have the most direct impact on site traffic or even sales. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on some data and use it to revamp strategies, optimize campaigns and inspire new content!

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