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Celebrate 60 Years of Style

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Puma celebrates their 60th birthday by allowing you to upload a photo and make a mashup of your face and tons of other features including hairstyles, clothing, and accessories. Here’s mine:

In an ever-crowding market, it’s great to see brands embrace interactive WOM solutions to marketing problems. Where’s the WOM in it, you say? With Puma’s Iam60, it’s in the content and the pass-along. Not only is this content blog-worthy, Puma makes it extremely simple to share with friends, once you create your picture, you can put in the name and email address of three friends. In addition, as you create your mashup, you can check a box to automatically add it to your facebook account.

Go Puma!

My only beef… Facebook may be HUGE, but where’s the rest of the share links, myspace, twitter, flickr, delicious?

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