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Where Have All the Remarkable Products Gone?

An ideal marketing situation: each product or brand commands its own niche market. Consumers would buy products for the same benefits that marketers push. Each and every last thing on the shelf would be nothing short of remarkable. However, the truth is that we are far from an environment where consumers buy XYZ product because it is just the best damned product out there. As days, months, years go by, more and more products look alike and perform the exact same way. Unfortunately for both companies and marketers, making a product remarkable is harder, and more expensive, than ever.

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Target Audiences: Keeping Them Engaged

The suits have been talking a lot about target audience over at Deep Ad Thoughts. How to know your target audience, find your target audience, and how to get your target audience to act. What is there other than that? Well, a lot.

We WOMmers happen to know a lot about how to leverage the web to keep your target audience engaging with you and your brand, getting them to act over and over and spreading the word about you while they’re at it. Here’s six ways to do just that.

Reality Check About Location-Based Marketing

A new Fast Company article reports that the average revenue bump from location-based social media campaigns (Facebook Places, Foursquare) is about 2%.

“Aw drat, guess we should throw in the towel on all that nonsense and start stapling fliers to telephone poles!”

Well not so fast. Foursquare launched in March 2009 and Facebook Places launched in August 2010. These are new services being used by a niche audience. Should we be surprised that deals on Facebook Places aren’t bringing in epic 76% revenue bumps? It’s an unfamiliar form of advertising with a small audience. We should set our expectations accordingly and continue to learn while we still have room to make mistakes.


Social Media to Blame for Bland Online Brand Identity

I’m an advocate of keeping up on social media news. As a professional in the industry, I take it upon myself to be aware of all the newest toys, most up to date strategy ideas, creative campaigns, etc. But lately, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to find inspiring social media news. The churning wheels have slowed, and it has become official: social media is no longer trendy.

Email Marketing

Email 2.0: You’ve Still Got Mail

With all the excitement over the latest online marketing techniques, email seems to have lost its appeal. Perhaps you’ve seen open- and click-through rates dropping

Impressive Facebook Advertising Results

Effectively Leveraging Facebook Advertising (Part 1)

We just wanted to give you some insight into our Facebook Advertising strategy, but this ended up turning into the longest blog post ever. Please excuse the length, but if you actually get through it all, you will have a MUCH better understanding of (1) how Facebook Advertising works, (2) how we achieve superior results, and (3) what to watch out for.

We just started a Facebook advertising campaign for one of our clients, and we wanted to share some of the results of the first 10 days:

Brand Hero is No More

The Brand is Hero No More

Every person, journalist, blogger is talking about the evolution of media. Traditional means of communication have been turned upside down and shaken up. Social media

Big Results for Smaller Brands

In the past, you could have over 90% ACV nationwide (for non-food folks, that’s grocery store penetration), and your product may sell $40 million nationwide,

Changing the World, Web 2.0 Style

It is pretty easy to say that the Internet is becoming a portal for a different kind of life: new communication, networking, news and journalism,