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#SMWWDC: Back to the basics

Attending industry conferences is a great way to learn new industry tools and news. It’s also a great way to reignite your passion for your career and get back to the basics.

social media contingency plan

Ad Agency Necessity: Social Media Contingency Plans

The social media realm has required us to have a different set of rules. Everything from strategy to implementation has changed. That even extends to who does what in which department. And we’ve got to have a back up plan to ensure that all necessary work gets completed (and done the right way) if a client’s point person is out sick or on vacation. So here’s how we do it.

We just talk ourselves out of it.

During Baltimore AdWeek this year, I got the pleasure of listening to Justin Kownacki speak on creating web content people will actually enjoy and share. I won’t divulge too much of what he said because, well, you snooze you lose! I will tell you one thing he said that got me thinking, “It’s not that hard to create media people relate to, we just talk ourselves out of it.”

Morton's WOM Success Stroy

Doing It Right: Morton’s Steakhouse

We’ve been fond of praising those who do word of mouth marketing the right way, from musicians to the Four Seasons. And we’ve even brought to light some occasions where WOM can be detrimental to a company (remember United Breaks Guitars?). Looks like Morton’s Steak House falls under the “social media success” category. They’ve recently impressed a certain Peter Shankman, a self-proclaimed social media entrepreneur with just over 109,000 Twitter followers.

Class of 2015: Our Future Consumers

This video shows us the characteristics and behaviors of the next generation to enter the work force. With drastic moves from traditional to digital, this group will be the first to really see the adoption of new ways to advertise. What is normal to them will be different from what is normal now. How do you think we will reach these consumers over the next ten, twenty, or even thirty years?

The Dollar Value of a Facebook Fan

Social Media ROI: The Dollar Value of a Facebook Fan

There’s a certain term in the social media lexicon that I really don’t like. It’s not the meaning or even the use that I have an issue with. It’s the way it’s used. Overused. Thrown around. Thrown in when one is coming up dry. This word works as a shield for many folks in our industry – “Hey, what I do has value to you. Here’s an acronym we can use when I am trying to convince you of this, and the important-sounding-ness of it will put both of us at ease.”

Free Prize Inside!

Where Have All the Remarkable Products Gone?

An ideal marketing situation: each product or brand commands its own niche market. Consumers would buy products for the same benefits that marketers push. Each and every last thing on the shelf would be nothing short of remarkable. However, the truth is that we are far from an environment where consumers buy XYZ product because it is just the best damned product out there. As days, months, years go by, more and more products look alike and perform the exact same way. Unfortunately for both companies and marketers, making a product remarkable is harder, and more expensive, than ever.

Mix Up social media posts

Target Audiences: Keeping Them Engaged

The suits have been talking a lot about target audience over at Deep Ad Thoughts. How to know your target audience, find your target audience, and how to get your target audience to act. What is there other than that? Well, a lot.

We WOMmers happen to know a lot about how to leverage the web to keep your target audience engaging with you and your brand, getting them to act over and over and spreading the word about you while they’re at it. Here’s six ways to do just that.