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How Far We’ve Come in a Year: the Biggest Changes in Social Media

The world of social and digital media moves pretty fast and it can be hard to keep up! In 2019, the amount of social media users went up by 9% compared to 2018. Competing for new and existing users time and loyalty can be a great motivator for developers to innovate within their product.  Here are the top changes in social media, specifically Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, that have occurred in just the past year on a few of the most used social networks:

Messenger updates rival iMessage
 –Ads transparency takes center stage amongst controversy
-Stories evolve with plenty of updates
-Shopping features multiply
-Bookmarks help users save and share tweets
-User guidelines are enforced and clarified
-More reaction features are debuted for users to express themselves
-Carousel ads are announced!
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One platform that has surpassed the rest with updates to its user’s interface is Instagram’s Stories feature. Since debuting in August of 2016, Stories have continued to progress and innovate how users share and connect with their followers. The most prominent feature that has been updated are the Stickers. In May 2018, these stickers didn’t exist, and now we question how we would live without them:

Other notable Instagram updates include:

We cannot wait to see how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn will continue to evolve and improve upon the user experience and digital marketing features. Social media marketing strategies have also evolved with the changes to each platform, and we’re curious to see how this impacts the brand-user relationship in the digital landscape.

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