Word of Mouth Marketing / Social Media Internship

The Cyphers Agency (TCA) is looking to grow its Word of Mouth department. We are seeking dynamic, creative, fun, and interesting interns who want nothing more than to learn about word of mouth marketing.

We are looking for someone with a thorough understanding of:

  • Basic Marketing Principles
  • Internet Research
  • Social Networking Sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Blogs, especially WordPress
  • Online Forums
  • Viral Videos
  • Flashmobs
  • Online Contests
  • Flickr, FourSquare, Tumblr, Groupon, Living Social, Wikipedia, Review Sites, etc.


  • In college or a recent graduate.
  • Advertising, PR, or Marketing Majors are preferred.
  • Able to work 20-40 hours per week.
  • Prior social media experience is a bonus.

Wanna show you are super awesome?

  • Show us your online presence – think personal blog, Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Send us some writing samples that show your style and voice.
  • Share with us some of your favorite blogs, articles, or videos. Bonus if we haven’t read, heard, or seen it yet.
  • Get others to talk online about why you should be the next WOM intern. Comments on this post are a start. And hashtags never hurt, either… (#HireMeTCA)
  • Show us how you’ve used social media to get results (for school, work or personal purposes).
  • Tell us what YOU think is an awesome example of an effective campaign that used social media and/or Word of Mouth. Negative ten points if you say “Old Spice.”

As for that cover letter and resume, you can send it to jocelyn@thecyphersagency.com. Look forward to hearing from you! 

40 responses to “Word of Mouth Marketing / Social Media Internship”

  1. Kimberly Ciesla says:

    @LaurenKGray is one of the most active members of the #PRSSA chat. I can’t wait to see what she does in her position on the PRSSA National Committee next year. Her thorough knowledge of social media and the benefits of engagement will lead her far. Hire her. You won’t regret it.

  2. Matt LaCasse says:

    Lauren Gray is one of the top communications students in the country in my opinion. I say communications because I don’t want to limit her to once discipline. Her knowledge far exceeds her education at this point, and would be a highly valuable resource for any organization. Getting Lauren for an internship is a little like the Celtics drafting Rajon Rando. The talent is there, but needs some professional polishing. And when it’s polished, you’ll be the proud employer of one of the shining PR and Marketing stars in the country.

    Don’t miss your opportunity.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lauren Gray (@laurenkgray) is one of the smartest, most hardworking students I have ever met. Her talents for writing, communicating, and having a positive social media presence speak volumes for her work. Besides giving stellar advice to others in the industry, Lauren asks all the right questions to gain insights and skills of her own. I believe she would be the perfect fit for this position.

    Kimberly Lucio

  4. Rachel Sprung says:

    Lauren Gray is driven, intelligent and passionate. I met her through the Public Relations Student Society of America, and she has always impressed me. She works hard at whatever she sets her mind to and always takes opportunities to learn more about PR and social media. She was recently elected as the National Vice President of Public Relations on the PRSSA National Committee, and between her passion for the organization and social media and energetic personality, I know she will do a fantastic job. She would be a great intern because she is active on social media, a dedicated worker and committed to learning more.

  5. Kendall Schmidt says:

    @Laurenkgray is HANDS DOWN your go-to girl for this internship. She has all the social skills needed, plus- she is already professionally polished. As you see her success grow, you’ll appreciate having her on the team. She’s #highlyrecommended. #HireMeTCA

  6. Sarah Evans says:

    I’m throwing in my vote for Lauren Gray (@laurenkgray). I’d snatch her up in a heartbeat if I was hiring interns right now. Good luck with the hiring process. -Sarah

  7. Eric Leist says:

    Lauren Gray (@laurenkgray on Twitter) is perfect for this type of role. She’s got a ton of energy and enthusiasm for the convergence of technology and marketing. She’s a major driver behind a Twitter chat I started on location-based technology. Hire her!

  8. Huff says:

    Can’t believe I am saying this, BUT, Lauren Gray is the word-of-mouth INTERN you want!! (I just want to keep her forever!) This social media ROCK STAR “gets it” and has a thorough understanding of all the pieces on your punch list. She has had a major role in managing most of our university’s social media activities and special promotions. Don’t let this one get away!

  9. Joanita Bora says:

    I would recommend Lauren for this position as she is awesome! She is my colleague at Social Fresh and it has been a great experience for me. Her knowledge about Social Media is deep and insightful and she is one of the few people that I know who “get it” when it comes to Social Media.

  10. Jeremy Pepper says:

    Lauren K Gray – without a doubt, she is one of the sharper students in PR and social media that I have worked with in the past 8 years (mentoring students that whole time). Passing on Lauren will be like taking a pass on the holy grail – or whatever analogy you want to use. Small and feisty, smart as a whip, a full grasp and understand and knowledge on integrated communications.

    Lose her at your own risk.

  11. Hbnettles says:

    Lauren Gray not only understands, she and truly embraces social media. Her knowledge of marketing via these channels has truly enhanced the image of the University as well as expanded the community’s awareness of why social media marketing is a key component of any enhanced communication plan.

  12. Dr. Pamela Harris says:

    Lauren Gray is a progressive public relations major, proactive with social media with a strong understanding of its role, an influential Twitter presence and following, hosting PR chats and networking. She is a leader, recently elected to the board of PRSSA, with a strong ethical foundation. Her skill in handling people, social media, writing, creating, and her insights and understanding of the role of public relations is beyond her years. As a professor who has had Lauren in a number of classes, including blogging and social media, I can attest to her talents, skills, and understanding of media. I highly recommend her for any job or internship that requires an understanding of blogging, the social media environment, and principles of public relations amid the giant paradigm shift in the converging media environment.

    Dr. Pamela Harris
    Communication professor
    Western Carolina University

  13. Neli Tokleh says:

    @LaurenKGray would be a great candidate for this position. Her social media presence is higher compared to many other people I know. She takes the time to engage with other PR and marketing students from all over America, especially through Twitter. She also leads Twitter chats every month. If you can choose anyone for this internship, please choose Lauren! 🙂

  14. Bsampson says:

    It is wonderful to finally see a marketing company that frowns on the traditional strategies. TCA really serves all the people involved, clients and consumers. Way to go for immersing into the new wave of technology and integrating all the online tools. From what I can see this company is sustainable and innovative. Even down to the hiring process TCA is creative. Time to put my information together and attempt to snag this position. To everyone who reads this, the friendly competition is on.

  15. Jim says:

    You should hire Elizabeth Laseter for this position. She is smart, a hard, hard worker, and one heck of an athlete.  What’s more, she is quickly establishing herself in Baltimore as an up and coming writer.