Author: Bridget Meyers

Social Media Recap- November

As the seasons change so are your favorite social media apps! Here’s the lowdown on all the latest tweaks, changes and updates from November! Twitter

What Makes Something Go Viral?

Viral content is fascinating to think about. One story, picture, video… whatever it may be, that manages to capture the attention of millions, if not

Social Media Recap- October

In case you got swept up in the excitement of fall and pumpkin spice lattes, we’re bringing you all the latest in social media. Big

Social Media Recap- September

Instagram Releases Save Draft Feature This past week Instagram announced they had finally created the “Save as Draft” feature. Users will now be able to

Social Media: Then vs. Now

The average American checks their social media accounts 17 times per day, adding up to 2-3 hours total. While this fact may seem appalling, yet

Social Media Recap- July

  Bumble BIZZ: Tinder meets LinkedIn Set to be released in early fall, the Bumble apps’ new extension Bumble BIZZ, will connect individuals with others