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Google Trends, or Cop Without a Badge, or Xbox Live

With a title like that, you might wonder what the heck this blog entry is all about. But if you have ever used Google Trends, you know that I’m simply focusing my blog entry on timely topics to increase my search engine optimization.

Viral Marketing: For Better or For Worse

Getting a YouTube video to go viral is every marketers dream. It’s essentially free advertisement, and a great way to get people talking about your brand. Here are a few current examples of companies with videos that went viral, and what we think about their strategy.

How to Use “The Google”

The phone book is dead. It’s a sad truth phone directory publishers might not tell you, but we can’t remember the last time we used

Twitter Gets Spammed

As Twitter rapidly grows, people are making more concentrated efforts to take advantage of its traffic. In some cases, this means spamming it by creating a “trending topic.” According to Mashable, these trending topics are fairly easy to create, and once you start a trend it shows up on every twitter users homepage.

Digital Reputation Management

Last night I had the opportunity to attend an event held by the Advertising Association of Baltimore about Digital Reputation Management. There were speakers from

Presidential WOM

President Obama has been noted as the first president to adequately (some might say expertly) take advantage of the social media scene. We want to take a moment, highlight his efforts, and point out why they are executed so well. All hail the WOMmander in Chief!

Defining Your Brand

Not too long ago, ‘defining your brand’ meant getting together with your marketing department or an advertising agency to decide what you wanted your brand to mean to consumers.