How To: Create a Viral Video

This past weekend the internet was abuzz about a certain workout video, featuring UFC fighter Chuck Liddell and his girlfriend exercising. Why was the video

Social Media Measurement

Tim Trefren recently wrote one of the best blogs I’ve ever read in regards to social media tracking (although that’s not necessarily saying much, because

Well that’s one way

Want to increase web traffic through social networking sites? You just experienced one way – a Facebook ad. (didn’t get here by clicking a facebook

How it should be

We thought we would take this opportunity to show you why we’re awesome (and modest too!). If you are engaging your audiences correctly, your “Entrance

Facebook-itis and Twitter-itis

Now we aren’t epidemiologists, but we have certainly noticed a trend with business owners and marketers trying to enter the realm of social media; Facebook-itis and Twitter-itis. These serious afflictions leave victims obsessed with the two most popular social networking sites, and prevent the victim from receiving and interpreting proven advice on other tactics that ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISH their respective marketing objectives.