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Facebook: A Lesson in Listening

By now, you may have heard about Facebook’s changes to its Terms of Service. In a sense, the changes make it so that Facebook owns anything you put on their service, even if you delete your account (or delete information). Soon after these changes were announced, it’s users got pissed… Here’s what went down, and the implications…

Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg did respond, explaining away the changes, maybe in hopes of calming the storm a bit. The response seems logical, but as summarized in a Mashable post, Facebook’s stance seems a little too, “trust us, we won’t do anything bad.”

Now, however, after thousands of blog posts and tweets, and tens of thousands of members providing feedback on the subject, Facebook decided to reinstate their previous ToS while they figure out how to make the legal changes necessary without offending anyone.

That was quick.

Listening is important. With over 175 million users, Facebook could have easily lost a lot of the respect and credibility it has spent the past 5 years building if they simply disregarded the feedback from their users. Go Facebook!

Why this is important:

Your customers are not only your greatest asset because they buy your product, they can give unique opinions on how you or your employees conduct business, changes/improvements to your product, and much more. In word of mouth, listening is key, so make sure you are taking the right steps to listen and interact with your customers. If you need help, feel free to contact us, and we’ll figure out just how you can start to build your WOM equity.

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