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A Facebook Movie: Social Media Becomes Part of Traditional Media

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Two weeks ago Columbia Pictures released the first preview for their new movie that will come out this fall, the “Facebook movie,” or, what is actually titled The Social Network. The movie tells the story of  Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg), the founder of Facebook, during his college years and his launch of the social networking site from his Harvard dorm room. A feature film about Facebook? What were they thinking? Maybe that Facebook is one of the fastest growing and most popular social networking sites with over 400 million active users, and bound to be a sure hit at the box office.

This movie just goes to show that social media networks, especially huge players like Facebook or Twitter, are starting to infiltrate other types of media. Not only are  news sources, television shows, celebrities, radio, and athletes using and referencing social media tools to communicate with their audience in new ways, but social media has become such a powerful force, it is an attraction itself.

The Social Change For Traditional Media Outlets

In order to keep up, traditional media outlets are adapting to incorporate social media into their programs. Radio shows take song requests via tweets, athletes use social media to talk about their training sessions or team news, TMZ Celebrity News keeps a live feed of their Tweets on the bottom of their online news page, and Tosh.O has a Twitter segment on his Comedy Central show, encouraging feedback from his audience.

News stations are using Twitter or other social networking sites to get first hand accounts and stories in real time, like the recent LA earthquake. This is made even more possible by the increasing incorporation of social media in technology, like cell phone apps. People can post a status update, tweet, and check in from anywhere, anytime, and share it with everyone.

Constant Evolution

As we continue to view new ways that social media is infiltrating various information distribution channels, the face of communication is constantly changing. Social media isn’t just online anymore — it’s everywhere.

What do you think? Where else have you seen social media used in a new or surprising way?

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