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Well, the Olympics are over. Although the games had their ups and downs, there were certainly several wins for social media. We would like to give out our Gold, Silver and Bronze metals for Olympic Social Media.


Bronze: “Thank You Mom”- P&G:

If you caught yourself silently crying at your desk in the last few weeks it’s probably because you were watching one of the many “Thank You Mom” spots on YouTube. This is an all around incredible campaign that was fully integrated across print, tv, and digital media. The social aspect of their campaign really blew up this year with their spots going viral on YouTube, and their Facebook page reaching 835k likes. If you haven’t seen any of the “Thank You Mom” spots you can check them out on the P&G YouTube page here.

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Silver: #SochiStrays:

There was a ton of bad publicity leading up to the Olympics, including reports that the Russian government was euthanizing stray dogs. Well, despite this awful report some pretty awesome things came out of it. US skier Gus Kenworthy started tweeting about the puppies he was planning to save and suddenly #sochistrays was trending on twitter. We love how the power of social media inspired not only Gus, but several other Olympic athletes to adopt and bring home puppies. Puppies + Olympics = Social Media Success.


Gold: Ashley Wagner Meme:

Besides the fact that we find the Ashley Wagner meme hilarious, we love how this piece of Internet hilarity exemplifies the power of social media. Much like “Mcayla is not impressed” this meme spread like wildfire overnight. If this doesn’t prove that social media has the power to move mountains, we don’t know what does.





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