Four tips to improve restaurant website user experience

Diners have many options to choose from for where to dine. If your website user experience stands out from your competition, your restaurant will benefit. There are many ways to improve on user experience such as by having a fast-loading website and by making sure it’s easy-to-read. Here are four tips that restaurant websites should put to use:

1. Make Online Orders or Reservations a Treat

An easy system will pay off in more reservations & sales.
Whether you offer online reservations or online ordering, make sure the system is easy-to-use and is the most important item on the website. It should be at the top and visible on smaller mobile phones.

2. Offer a Clear Path to Your Menu

We're all here for the food so make it the easiest thing to find on your site.
There should be a prominent menu link near the top of your website on mobile devices and computers. Feature a selection of menu items on the home page.

3. Easy Signup for Customer Loyalty Programs

Keep customers coming back with emailed promotions.
Tempt your diners to sign up for a loyalty program by offering a free drink, or discount just for signing up. Keep them coming back with targeted emails and texts.

4. Entice Diners with Great Photography

Show off your chef's skills with professional photography.
Make sure that the food is well lit and beautifully plated. Take note of the background of the image to make sure everything is clean and attractive. Photos should be optimized to load quickly on phones and desktop computers

Bonus Tip: Testing actual visitor’s experience on your website is key to knowing what to improve. By having friends or co-workers test your website on different devices such as phones, tablets and computers, you can get valuable feedback on what needs to be improved. Did the website load well for them and was it easy for them to see the menu and order online? Share the feedback with your website development team.

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