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3 ways restaurants can promote food take out and delivery on social media

food take out and delivery on social media

Did you know 63% of consumers agree that it is more convenient to get food delivered than dining out with a family? With the rise of delivery third-party services, it’s easier than ever to order delivery or take out from your favorite restaurant. We have some helpful social media tips to promote your food delivery services to your customers.

1. Show your teams

People love seeing other people, whether its at their door with a large hot pizza, or on social media with a smile. Now is the time to show off your delivery teams, delivery station, or chefs behind the scenes. Spotlight some of your delivery crew in an email to customers, or a fun social media feature. Include quotes from employees or information on how long they’ve been working in the food industry. Keeping this content friendly and light will only entice more people to want to order from your restaurant!

food take out and delivery on social media

2. Provide discounts

Providing coupon codes or discounts is a smart way to incentivize your customers. This could be anything from free delivery to one free drink, or even 10% off your entire delivery order. Make it a priority to provide convenience to your loyal customers in order to keep their business. Send these coupon codes via social media, email, or through a loyalty program in your app. This keeps your customers coming back for more rewards and more tasty food. Promote your loyalty program on social media explaining its ease of use and many benefits; easy payment options, discounts, exclusive offers, and more. Promote your delivery services through paid ads on your social media accounts including mouthwatering pictures of your food and any discount codes or coupons. 

food take out and delivery on social media

3. Encourage social interactions

While establishing your social media marketing plan, be sure to create a simple hashtag to go along with your mobile orders, take out, and deliveries. Share the hashtag on your social media accounts so customers know just what to do when they get their Friday night dinner. Be vigilant about sharing your customers social posts to remind them you care about their opinion and support on social media.

As far as social engagement goes, always interact with comments, shares, and mentions on social media as they relate to your food and services. The more your brand engages, the higher the chances are that more people will want to tag and interact with you. 

While food delivery services continue to grow, always keep a social media marketing plan in your back pocket to boost sales and engage with your loyal customers.

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