Why isn’t this HUGE yet?

The newest outlet for the quest for Internet quasi-fame has arrived. URDB allows anyone to set any record they want as long as it complies with the Rules. Kinda like the Guinness Book of World Records only “cooler,” and more social.

Here are some of the best records, along with a list of things URDB is doing right…

First, here are a few things they’re doing right:

  • anyone can comment (even allow video responses)
  • anyone can submit (having an account is optional)
  • rules can be edited by the community
  • users can rate records
  • wiki-linking within text
  • simple, good design, easy usability
  • fun, attractive, simple idea

And here are some of our favorites:

David Lee Roth fan Ryan Moulian paid homage to the rock legend by completing 83 Panama kicks in one minute, a new universal record.

This feat was performed on August 29, 2008 at the Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada. Witnesses Dan Rollman and Steve Payonzeck were on hand to time, count, and document the achievement.

Daredevil Todd Lamb sets a new world record by looking at 25 images of fish sandwiches in just one minute. The images were held and dropped by Opus Moreschi in a manner similar to Bob Dylan’s ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’ video. Lamb said “fish” each time he saw a new photo.

This legendary performance took place on November 24, 2008 at the World Record Appreciation Society’s first-ever event. It took place at Asia Roma, a karaoke bar in New York City. Event organizers Corey Henderson and Dan Rollman were on hand to witness and document the record.

Millions of Reasons to Find Out What Else your Product Does

Of course you’ve seen the Levis “guys backflip into jeans” video, the Gatorade “amazing ball girl catch,” or maybe even the Corona “beer freezing party trick.” Somewhere in there you’ll find LITERALLY millions of reasons to find out what cool things your product does other than what it’s intended for.

Just like the videos that injected both Diet Coke and Mentos into regular conversation, here are some other videos that created millions of impressions and put their brands in the mouths of consumers:

Corona Beer Freeze Party Trick

Amazing Ball Girl Catch

Guys Backflip into Jeans

Zippo Lighter Tricks

Tasty Short URL Tool

Twitter and the growth of micro-blogging platforms have given rise to loads of URL shortening tools. The newest of which is bacn.me, giving users a fun, tasty way to spread some link love.

According to their site, there are only two rules to using bacn.me, the first is bacon links only, and the second is no spam. I am assuming that bacn.me is going to be used for a lot more than just bacon links, but its a great place to start. Users of URL shortening tools may also find bacn.me useful in that if you sign up for an account, you can track the number of clicks on your link.

So there you have it, bacn.me for all your bacon-related URL needs. Enjoy!

Make Something Happen

Whether you want to organize an event, petition for change, or raise money, The Point is a revolutionary way for individuals to combine their influence and make things happen in ways they can’t achieve alone…

The Point is a website that brings people together for a common goal. Users have been able to use The Point to raise money to record an album, raise money for Crohn’s disease, help non-profit organizations, and much more.

Anyone can start a campaign of their own for any reason, or browse campaigns to find one to support. Each campaign has a “tipping point.” Users pledge to donate or participate in some action, but only if the campaign reaches a benchmark which determines if the campaign will be a success. This is to make contributions worthwhile by focusing efforts in ways that can truly effect change.

So, if you’ve got a cause or want to donate your time and/or money to a worthwhile cause, why not give The Point a try?

The Multi-dimensional Consumer

I watched a video today that BLEW MY MIND and, no, it wasn’t last night’s new episode of LOST. I am a closet astrophysicist and have always had a hard time explaining the ten dimensions to non-astrophysicists. This video does a great job of explaining them in the simplest way possible.

So, you may ask, what does astrophysics have to do with WOM or social media? Well, nothing, but it does provide a good analogy for how we use evolving technology to reach consumers in new and sometimes convoluted ways.

Consumers are multi-demensional; they enjoy different activities, they interact with different people, and in different ways, they search differently, browse differently, and, well, consume differently. Reaching consumers in a time when market fragments are becoming fragmented can be difficult, that’s why staying on top of the latest trends can help you navigate and reach consumers.

While there are guides out there to help you use a lot of the tools in your arsenal, nothing can teach you more that actually trying it out yourself. If you’d like to talk more about how to reach consumers, feel free to message us on twitter or shoot us an email.

Calling all Drum-makers

As we’ve mentioned before, buzzworthy content can do volumes more for your brand than traditional, paid, intrusive ads.

Ken Brashear has created this interactive drum simulation in which users can “play” drums by hovering a mouse over each piece to create a unique drum or cymbal sound. Users can also opt to use their keyboard to create a musical masterpiece, as seen below:

Zildjian, where ya at? Pearl, Tama, DW, Sabian, Remo, Yamaha, where ya at? Maybe contact Ken, maybe use this idea, do something!

Transparency is King

Belkin’s recent screw up reminds us that transaprency is king. What separates word of mouth most from advertising and PR is that WOM is natural, organic, unpaid, and comes from the consumer.

Not only does unethical WOM hurt the credibility of the industry, but get ready to be exposed. One of the best things about word of mouth is that anything buzzworthy can spread like wildfire.

Once The Daily Background broke the Belkin story, the post was submitted to Digg, where it eventually made the front page and was read by tens of thousands, and potentially hundreds of thousands of users.

Belkin has since issued this statement apologizing for the event, but is it enough? Probably not. Here’s just one more reason to keep things on the up and up. If people like you’re brand they’ll talk about it. Consider giving them the tools to do so, rather than hiring people to fake it.

Celebrate 60 Years of Style

Puma celebrates their 60th birthday by allowing you to upload a photo and make a mashup of your face and tons of other features including hairstyles, clothing, and accessories. Here’s mine:

In an ever-crowding market, it’s great to see brands embrace interactive WOM solutions to marketing problems. Where’s the WOM in it, you say? With Puma’s Iam60, it’s in the content and the pass-along. Not only is this content blog-worthy, Puma makes it extremely simple to share with friends, once you create your picture, you can put in the name and email address of three friends. In addition, as you create your mashup, you can check a box to automatically add it to your facebook account.

Go Puma!

My only beef… Facebook may be HUGE, but where’s the rest of the share links, myspace, twitter, flickr, delicious?