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3 Tips For Better Blog Writing

Blog writing is about harnessing method and creativity to fully engage your reader. We now understand that blogs are great tools that can help your brand >>

How to Use Paid and Natural Search to Fuel Each Other

Paid and organic search

It’s not surprising that natural SEO work and managing Google Adwords often grow in separate silos at many companies. They require different skills, so they >>

Digital Reputation Management for Franchisees: Why it’s important and why YOU need it


Whether or not you embrace digital marketing and social media for your business, your customers are, no doubt, talking about you online. It’s in your business’s best interest to embrace these online networks and learn how to effectively manage the conversation.

Why JC Penney Got Burned Buying Links

The SEO (search engine optimization) community has been abuzz this week over an article entitled “The Dirty Little Secrets of Search” that appeared in the >>

BAM! Google Instant Doesn’t Waste Time.

Not sure if you’ve noticed quite yet, but Google is a-changing. As of yesterday, you can now experience Google Instant. Once you start a search, >>

The Benefits of Advertisements, Years Later

Do you ever wish you could get more out of those old advertisements for which you paid so much money? They were so darn expensive, >>

How to Use “The Google”

The phone book is dead. It’s a sad truth phone directory publishers might not tell you, but we can’t remember the last time we used >>

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