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Tag: Pinterest

Pinterest Adds Messaging Feature

Planning weddings, cataloging cute puppies and mapping out elaborate vacations just got a whole lot easier. Last week, Pinterest unveiled a new messaging system that >>

The Art of Hosting a Pinterest Contest


Pinterest contests are all-the-rage these days and they can be super successful if planned carefully. Follow our tips and examples for simple logistics and easy execution.

The top 3 social media campaigns that inspire me

Top 3 Inspirational Social Media Campaigns

Social media is no longer the shiny new toy. By now, most companies have integrated some sort of social media into their traditional marketing plan.  >>

When Food Brands Go Social—Photo Sharing Platforms Become Your Best Friend


With photo sharing sites like Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram all the rage right now, it seems more important than ever for food brands to jump on the social media wagon and start feeding the photo frenzy with smart content strategy.

Why does Pinterest work so well for some brands and not for others?


As the newest social media platform on the block and growing like wildfire, many brands and products are jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon. However, it’s been proven that certain brands out-perform others. Why?

The Next Big Thing In Social Media – Pinterest (Part 3)


Last time we talked, I was raving about Pinterest, the new darling of the social media world, and why it’s such a big deal. But if you wanted the download on how brands should leverage this pintastic momentum, it’s your lucky day! Here’s a handful of tactics we’ve already gotten traction with here at The Cyphers Agency.

The Next Big Thing In Social Media – Pinterest (Part 2)


Earlier I blogged about our newest fascination on the web, Pinterest. Today, I want to answer the question I left you with: Why should this social networking website, addictive and beautiful as it may be, really matter to businesses?

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