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Tag: Facebook advertising

New Facebook Ad Manager Looks Promising

Changes to Facebook Ad Manager

Recently, Facebook has been busy rolling out new features of its advertising platform. It first started with the addition of new types of Facebook ads, and now the social networking site is releasing a newer version of the ad manager. We’ve become accustomed to constant changes from Facebook, but this time, these changes seem to be in the favor of marketers.

Effectively Leveraging Facebook Advertising (part 2)

This is the second part of a two part series on Facebook Advertising. See part one of Effectively Leveraging Facebook Advertising here. Here are some >>

Effectively Leveraging Facebook Advertising (Part 1)

Impressive Facebook Advertising Results

We just wanted to give you some insight into our Facebook Advertising strategy, but this ended up turning into the longest blog post ever. Please excuse the length, but if you actually get through it all, you will have a MUCH better understanding of (1) how Facebook Advertising works, (2) how we achieve superior results, and (3) what to watch out for.

We just started a Facebook advertising campaign for one of our clients, and we wanted to share some of the results of the first 10 days:

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