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Category: how NOT to WOM

It’s Not a Science

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Social media isn’t a science, it’s a community.

It’s How You Say It: Tone Matters

Big social media mistake: Forgetting that the tone you use in your posts as vitally important as what you’re saying. This is especially true with business accounts. Tone can make a legitimate post completely turn off your followers.

Why Twitter isn’t for Everyone.

Funeral Home

We received this tweet from a funeral home earlier today. While we appreciate the gesture and commend them for their social media efforts, we feel >>

10 Things To Do When the Internet Goes Down At Work

Internet Goes Down, We All Lost Sanity

Our internet went down. Panicked ensued. To calm the pack, one must think of a way (or 10!) to pass the time. Without further ado, 10 things to do when your Internet goes out during work.

The Social Media Mistake: Forgetting Your Brand Strategy

As WOM gets less trendy and more ubiquitous, it’s time for a refresher course. Every company now feels like they need some kind of WOM and social media, but simply diving in won’t suffice as a smart marketing move. You’ve got to ask yourself some questions first.

Cut the Crap – No More Lofty Social Media Terms

Picture 7

So we’ve been just as guilty as the next for using those lofty and abstract social media terms that drive everyone mad: transparency, engagement, content >>

Social Media: Users vs. Professionals?

The other day I heard an interesting story from a friend. He was eating out at a restaurant, talking about Twitter and social media over >>

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